Real estate is access to large profits so investing in a condominium is very compelling to try. Although starting a condo investment can not be said to be easy, because of the need for aspects to be considered in choosing a good and profitable condo. It is also important to realize that investing in real estate is an investment that is expected to provide long-term benefits so we need to carefully choose the right condominium investment. However, the most important thing you need to know in condo investment is the penrose prices.

Based on existing research from a trusted company, that 80 percent of people when choosing a condo is not carefully thought out, they only choose according to emotions alone so that the results obtained are not optimal. Whereas in choosing real estate as a form of investment to work on profits, there needs to be several aspects of consideration so that the decisions taken are appropriate and as expected later. So, how to choose the right and profitable real estate? You must be careful in seeing the right time to buy real estate. In the real estate sector, the principle is to buy when penrose prices are low and sell when prices are high. If we look at last year’s real estate price and this year it is still the same, it means that the real price is down and this is the right time to buy.

You must be able to choose the right location and appropriate. Choosing a real estate based on location is the right thing. The location of the penrose condo in the center of the city is good because it has prospects that guarantee a continuous increase. You can also choose a location that allows the price of the real estate to continue to rise with the development project around. A good location to be sought after could be in the form of a golden triangle area, which is an office, business, and economic growth area. You must be jaded in choosing the type of investment that has good prospects. Returns on condominiums and condos still occupy the top position with returns ranging from 8-12%, while returns to office rentals range from 7-10%, and retails at 5-9%.