Skateboarding is great fun for young people. Especially if you want to channel your energy positively. But before buying your first skateboard, you need to know what type of board is suitable. To determine which skateboard suits your needs, consider the following things. It’s important to pay attention to the credibility and reputation of the local skateboard shop that is near where you live. If you are still confused, ask the store clerk about products that are suitable for beginners. You may come across various types of wooden skateboards, such as bamboo, wood, plastic, or fiberglass. Bamboo is a good material choice because of its relatively smooth weight. It depends on what skateboard you want. For example, the road (street) or transition. You must choose a measure that benefits your skill. There are two types of skateboards. The first is longboards with a long deck for gliding on the road. The second is a mini longboard with a shorter size for playing in a bowl or park arena or a pool specifically designed for skateboarding. Shorter skateboards will make it easier for players to perform jumping tricks, downhill slides, or other tricks cruiser skateboard.

If you want to use a skateboard for sliding, for example, from home to school, you can choose a 7.5-inch – 8-inch deck. But if you focus more on playing in the pool arena, or the skateboarding arena which looks like a swimming pool; or garden, you can start a deck measuring over 8-inch. Beginner skateboarders are also advised to choose a deck that is 8-inch wide and 30-inch long. A skateboard with that length will make it easier for beginners to apply some of the basic tricks of skateboarding. Street skating wheels are generally smaller than those for bowl or park wheels. This design was specifically designed to make the skateboard lighter and more responsive, making it easier to flip over.

The standard street skateboard wheel size is made in 49–52 millimeters. The larger the wheel size, it will affect the speed at which it goes, while for vert skating you can look for wheels that are 54–60 mm in size. This type of wheel can be more tread on various surface areas. To determine the size of the truck, you can refer to the deck size. Make sure the length of the axle matches the width of the deck. In short, when the truck is installed, it can provide good stability when sliding. Not too protruding or too big. If you want to align the truck and deck, use the standard 8-inch size with a truck size of 149.