Whether you start a new chapter of BNI business networking group or join an existing one, your purpose, as it relates to the chapter, is two fold. The first important thing you will be doing, is keeping your eyes and ears open for business referrals to other members in the chapter. The other important function is recruiting other business professionals for membership.

On the typical , BNI members are expected to pass a minimum of one referral per week to other members. If you don’t have a referral to pass and you bring a visitor to the meeting you’ll still be in good standing. If you don’t have a referral or bring a visitor, you are expected to give a testimonial about someone in the group you have had professional dealings with.

You benefit once you pass referrals because the people receiving those referrals will feel an obligation to return the favor. Think of it this way, how do you feel when you receive a gift over the holidays and you don’t have one to return to the person who gave it to you? Same thing goes for BNI business referrals.