Business cards are an important thing for people who work in offices and for business people. This business card must be owned by them especially when meeting with clients. Therefore, having an attractive business card is needed. To print it yourself also should not be in any place to ensure the quality produced. For that, you can print your business cards at the printing Melbourne to get quality business cards.

Knowing the type of paper in making and printing business cards is important before starting the process. Therefore, the type of business card paper determines the quality produced. As follows the types of business card paper that must be known before making it.

1. Type of Paper Name Card Brief Card
Brief Card, this type of paper has a smooth texture and is usually not laminated. Usually, this type of paper is not only used as a business card, but can be used to print certificates, invitation cards, picture books, school payment cards, and so on. Not infrequently this paper is often referred to as Manila paper and has a variety of colors to size. Starting from the size of 160 gr, 220 gr, and 260 gr.

2. Types of Paper Glossy Photo Paper Name Cards
This paper has a glossy surface or shines when exposed to light. If held, this paper feels a bit slippery. The printout contained in the glossy photo paper was fairly good because there were reflections of light earlier. But if there is no light, this paper will look dull or faded. Usually, people who print business cards with this type of paper provide lamination so results look better.

3. Standard Business Card Paper Types
Standard type business card paper like this is the most commonly used. Apart from the low price, the material used is also easily modified with various types of printing techniques, such as glossy laminating, laminating matte, gold foil, and silver. This type of paper has various sizes ranging from 9 x 5.5 cm.

4. Type of Translucent Name Card Paper
This translucent type of paper has a unique texture that is transparent. So that the front and back sides can be transparent. Unlike other types of business cards.