The different types of Connected Investors Reviews that real estate investors consider vary in many different ways. We’ll identify the different types in this article and briefly discuss each one. We’ll also discuss the different ownership structures available. The basic types of investment properties include retail, office, apartment, mixed developments, and hotel/motels.

Connected Investors Reviews include freestanding buildings and shopping centers. A freestanding building is one where it stands alone, not connected to any others. Shopping centers range from strip malls to super regional malls with many stores located in one area.

Mixed developments consist of a combination of residential apartments, houses, and condos with office space and retail stores. Many communities that are growing at a fast pace have developers who are maximizing the feeling of community by mixing all different types of structures, creating small neighbhorhoods with all the essential aspects of small town, such as restaurants, entertainment, jobs for the local public, and of course, shopping.