Millennial generation dominates the population this year. Buying a home is indeed a good decision especially for those who are married, and become one of the main achievements in life. But for many millennials, renting an apartment has become a lifestyle. One North Eden is recommended for you, they offer the types of apartments and facilities provided and are certainly very profitable for you. Here are the reasons the millennial generation or young generation choose to rent an apartment rather than buying a house. With a target market dominated by young professionals working in the business district, One North Eden is the right choice for you

First, according to the budget. House prices continue to rise making monthly payments increase. If you want a lighter installment, the loan risk will be longer. By renting an apartment, they can choose monthly rents according to the budget. second, not tied to installments. Installments at the office or the bank make them bound. Millennials tend to only last two or three years in the same office. If they are tied to installments at the office, they are forced to give up their dream job opportunities at other companies. Third, you can choose a location. This will certainly save energy, time, and money. Staying in a premium boarding house might also be a good choice, but with incomplete facilities in the apartment. Fourth, you can move at any time. If renting an apartment, they can move to another place when they are bored or find a new, better place.

Fifth, the ease of management. The roof is leaking, the faucet is broken, and the room is a mess. They can immediately call the service of the apartment manager. For millennials whose time has already been taken up for work, finding a house in good condition will be very helpful. With increasing activity, millennials indeed need strategic and practical housing. Apartments are considered to be the right residential solution for urbanites.