Like a fan that gets dirty easily because it absorbs dust, AC will also experience the same thing. Dust and dirt will decrease the performance of the air conditioner, which will gradually cause damage if it is not regularly serviced and cleaned. Moreover, if the air conditioner is used every day and is used all day long. If your AC is damaged severely, we suggest you call port charlotte ac maintenance service.

So that your expensive air conditioner does not break down quickly, it helps to know some tips for caring for the air conditioner so that it lasts up to 10 years or more, as will be described at several points in this article:

Maintain and clean the air conditioner regularly

Certainly, not many of you know how to take apart and clean an air conditioner. However, you don’t need to worry. The reason is, there are many technicians out there who will be happy to help you clean the air conditioner at home.

But did you know that the air conditioner must be cleaned at least every 3 or 6 months? If it is used frequently, it is highly recommended that this electronic device can be cleaned regularly every 1-3 months. Dust and dirt can also hinder the performance of the air conditioner can also cause damage that will be difficult to overcome later on.

Reduce the AC load

How to reduce the AC load is very easy. You only need:

Seal any openings that might cause cold air to escape from the room. Every time you turn on the air conditioner, make sure you close the doors, windows, and ventilation.

Avoid setting the air conditioner to a low temperature. The lower the temperature setting on an air conditioner, the harder the AC will work.

Don’t forget to provide a thermometer. The thermometer is very important to know the temperature in an air-conditioned room. With the help of a thermometer, you can adjust the temperature settings for the air conditioner and the real conditions in the room.

Avoid installing a small PK air conditioner in a large room. The PK must be adjusted to the room size so the AC won’t work too hard to cool down the entire room temperature.