The manual car has been known for a long time in Indonesia. When I was in high school there were already. Unlike the automatic car which has been busy recently. Caring for a manual car is actually as easy as maintenance for an automatic car. I have proven the problem myself. To maximize maintenance, pay close attention to these tips of car maintaining.

Fill the fuel tank and always check
This is often underestimated by car users. Even though a small problem that is overlooked can turn into a big problem. If the fuel in the tank is empty or low, dirt and scale will easily appear in it. It’s a danger if the fuel and dirt are mixed. Later it can affect the performance of the car engine.

Try to occasionally pull the gas as hard as possible
To apply this method, you must be in the right area. The criteria must be straight, long roads, and not many cars pass. Moments like this are very often found on toll roads. Do it when the employees haven’t flocked to work. The goal is to remove the scale stuck to the gas exhaust.

Check the machine and tune-up regularly
This process involves a mechanic or technician on duty to handle it. Tune-up to the car in a trusted repair shop is our effort to make it last longer. Not only for the body but for the components in the car engine. Please always provide a sufficient budget to implement this process.

Use the clutch in the right way
Using the correct clutch will make the car more durable and avoid potential wear. Please do not touch the clutch pedal while you are in gear. If you rush to touch the clutch pedal, it will be hampered to apply other manual car care methods. You see, you have denied an important factor.