For many clients of counselling North London, finding someone who is trained in both therapy and coaching can offer the best of both worlds – a goal-focused approach that can deal with bigger bumps in the road, if obstacles become apparent during the work together. In practice, there is often a rather large overlap between what happens in coaching and what happens in therapy. There are so many styles of coaching and of therapy that it is often difficult to determine where the boundaries are – which is all the more reason to find someone with appropriate training for the work you end up doing together, whether coaching, therapy, or a combination of both.

Whether you end up choosing a coach, a therapist, or someone who does both, finding the right person will maximize your ability to reach your goals. You may find it more helpful to think of your work together as coaching or as therapy. As long as you are getting an appropriate form of help, and the appropriate ethics are being followed, this may be the most important factor for you.